Over the last year, I’ve started connecting with others who have disclosed abuse. Everyone who has decided to disclose abuse has a story of what went well and what went badly. In many cases, really badly.

Last month, someone I know shared a link to a government site that describes what they tell people will happen when they come forward and seek help from police and other governmental agencies. I’d read a similar site over seven years earlier when I’d needed help.

Looking back mine own six years of navigating police, social services and courts and reflecting on the similar stories I’ve head from so many others, it’s pretty clear to me that what really happens is very different than the promises made to people in need of help on governmental sites.

Creating this site is an effort to gather those stories in a safe(r) way so that others might feel less alone and to be aware of the risks of asking for help. I never want to discourage anyone who needs help to ask for it, but I do want them to be equipped with the knowledge they’ll need to best protect themselves from secondary abuse. Mostly I want them to know that they are not alone.

Though my personal confidence in the ability of governmental organizations to protect vulnerable people is currently very low, maybe gathering these voices might inspire leaders to act? I cling to a desperate hope that that might be true someday… In the meantime, we need to support and protect one another in any way we can.

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Ultimately, this site is an experiment. It’s possible that no one will ever look at it or contribute. If they do, I hope that those contributors will help to shape it in a way to maybe provide some value to somewhere, somehow, someday.

Take care and stay safe!

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