I was in a domestic violence shelter in the United States where there was an advocate that played favorites. (this is not an uncommon abuse tactic used on clients, by advocates, in domestic violence shelters) I had nowhere else to go with my child, so I was stuck kissing her bum and her favorite client’s bum more often than not.

The other client was able to sneak her new boyfriend into the shelter and have sex with him even though the advocate knew all about it. The male was always showing up at the shelter. This client married her boyfriend right out of the shelter and I was told to be her babysitter. If I had anything else going on, (like trying to get my child and I on our feet,) I was shunned at the shelter by the advocates.

I’ve also seen advocates take donations home before clients can see if there is anything that they need.

I worked my tail off trying to get out of that place. I found an apartment manager willing to help us move in sooner. I jumped at the chance of getting out of that abusive domestic violence shelter. Then I realized I was now in a special kind of guilt debt for the kindness given to me.

I ended up going back to my ex.