Reprinted from Emerging ( with the permission of Sierra D. Waters.

Dear “North” Minneapolis Police Department, (AKA Minneapolis Police Department,) Minnesota.

I used to live in your city.  I was a little girl named Debbie and I was in dire need of a hero.  This is a picture of me when I was little.

Credit: Sierra D. Waters

By the time I was that age, I had already been brutally sexually assaulted by my father…

…and your agency knew about it.  Below is a document.  In the document you will read the words of my mother.

Credit: Sierra D. Waters

“The police arrived” …and you left me in the hands of a sadistic pedophile at the age of two years old.

You could have rescued me.  Did your officer(s) decide that I was unworthy?  If I’m blamed by society for every decision that I have made while highly traumatized and for anything I did for survival, then aren’t you also 100% to blame for your choice in not doing more as “heroes” when you had the chance to save the life of one of your city’s children? Or do your badges absolve you and others from blame and shame, but never the brutally traumatized and re-victimized survivors? How convenient.

To this very day people look past what my father did, what you and others failed to do, and point their uneducated and judgmental fingers at me.  Only me.

Generations were destroyed.  Your agency could have done more to prevent that.

Sincerely and with every ounce of shame, blame, and trauma I am burdened with until the day that I die,

Debbie, the apparently unworthy daughter of a violent pedophile; that your agency allowed to further abuse me.


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