Due to unforeseen circumstances I have had to remove my previous post.
My life has been destroyed over and over again due to my child hood abuse so much so I have ended pushing away all my family and friends. destroying everyone I love. Now I’m on my own. I can only say you have to stop your suffering escalating any further by reporting it now. Believe me had I told certain people years ago my life would not be destroyed and I would not have destroyed other lives. 35 years suffering in silence had took its toll. My own children “now adults” have disowned me. I have treated them so bad. Decisions I made have been unnecessary due to me holding onto my secret for so long. Anger, rash quick unnecessary decisions, shame, guilt I could have stopped other boys being abused had I have spoken out 35 years ago. To my children and their mom I love you all dearly I’m sorry I pushed you away from me.
Yes I finally told you.