Do you have an experience that you are considering sharing on the site? Are you wondering how the site works?

    1. Deciding to share. Sharing an experience can be empowering, but also really hard. Finding the right words can take time. Reading the stories of others can help as can connecting with others using social media like Twitter. I can always be reached on Twitter via Tweets and DM (@singlemomx5). If you’d like to discuss something you are thinking to share, you can also send an email to and I’ll respond.
    2. Add your story.  Once you have decided what to share, you can either submit a story directly to the site using the Add Your Story  links (see below), send something to me via email ( or send a link to something you have written somewhere else.
    3. Choose title and author’s name. Clicking on the Add Your Story link will open the form where you can write your story. You will notice a series of fields to complete to guide you through the process. We’ve tried to provide helpful information along the way to make it easier to complete. The first two field are for the title and author name. You can fill these out in any order and I normally leave the title blank until the very end.
    4.  Write your story. The main text of your story goes directly into this box.
    5. Add optional photos, tags, email and additional information. The remaining sections are all optional. You can choose to select an image to include with your story, any tags and any other information that you’d like the editor to be aware of. If for example, you’d like the editor to review and make spelling and grammar corrections, or if there is something that you’re not sure you should include, you can add the information here. Nothing included in this section will ever be shared or published.
    6. Save a draft. Clicking save WILL NOT publish your writing. This step just saves a draft so that you can preview what it will look like.
    7. Preview. Once you save a draft, at the top of the page, you’ll see a link to a preview. Clicking this link will open a preview of your writing in a new window. This is what your post will look like once published. REMEMBER: At this point, you are the only one who can see it. It is not published on the site.
    8. Revise or Publish as Final.  You can continue to make changes to your draft as many times as you like. When you are ready, you can select the Publish as Final option. Selecting this option sends a notification to the site administrators to review your post. Everything on the site is moderated to ensure that no inappropriate content is added to the site. At this point, if you’ve provided additional information or content for the editors and contact information, they may contact to resolve any issues. Once the content any outstanding issues are resolved and the content is approved, your post will appear on the main site.
    9. Read, share and edit. Once your story is published on the site, you can review the final version and share with others. If you’ve provided a contact method, you will also receive an edit link that you can use to make any changes to your story at any time. You might want to sibscribe to comments on your post.


NOTE: If at any point you run into any issues or have any questions, please let me know by email, Tweet or DM. The goal of this site is to support survivors in sharing their stories. All questions are always welcome!