One shelter I was in had a worker who was low empathy and was really hard on women. She’d be banging on their doors early am to start housing searches and not supportive when hearing about abuse. Women wanted rest and a non-judgemental, compassionate ear.

Since the shelter ran two houses after enough complaints about the worker, they sent her to the other house. Her behaviours continued but being in a house that’s known for very marginalized women, complaints went unheard. She’s still there.

One time, I had some idle time while waiting for victim services. There was a woman who arrived at the shelter, she had two young boys. She was a fairly new immigrant to Canada. She spoke very broken English. She relocated to BC from eastern Canada. The shelter accepted her family but the shelter wouldn’t support her finding housing. Since her arrival to Canada, she had never found housing on her own and didn’t understand the process. She was full of anxiety because of her language barrier, then her kids starting acting up. The shelter worker sat behind her computer and did nothing. After about two hours practicing dialogue and role playing, she was calling potential landlords on her own and booking viewing times. The shelter worker finally peeked her head around the corner and said she would get to her shortly. Women have only two to four weeks after they arrive to the shelter to find housing but no supports.